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  • Application
    • Pressure transmitters are used to measure pressures in liquids and gases. The pressure is converted into an electrical signal.
    Special advantages are:
    • compact construction
    • built-in amplifier
    • large output signal
    • advantageous price/performance
    • ratio largely compatible with fluids
    Sku: JUMO-4341-Series-0-to-4

    JUMO 4341 Series Pressure Transmitter ( 0 to 4 Bar )

  • Features

    • Programmable user level
    • Setpoint changeover
    • Ramp function
    • Power ON delay
    • 2 limit comparators
    • Timer function
    • Self-optimization
    • Service counter
    • Fast, user-friendly configuration with the
    • setup program (accessory)
    • RS485 interface (optional)

    JUMO cTRON Digital Indicator Controllers

     9,000 13,000
     9,000 13,000 Select options
  • Manufacturer: JUMO Type: Digital Microprocessor Indicator


    • Structured Operating and Programming Layout
    • Customer-Specific Linearization Correction
    • 2 Limit Comparators for Limit Monitoring
    • Digital Input Filter with Programmable Filter Time Constant
    • Time-Delayed Switching, Programmable Per Relay
    • Switch-on Delay After Power-on is Programmable


     10,000 12,000
     10,000 12,000 Select options
  • The JUMO DICON SM (SRM-96) is a controller or monitoring device manufactured by JUMO for industrial applications. However, specific details about this product, such as its features, specifications, and applications, may have been updated or changed since then. Here are some general characteristics often associated with JUMO DICON SM controllers:
    1. Universal Controller: The JUMO DICON SM (SRM-96) is typically designed as a universal controller, meaning it can be used for various control and monitoring tasks in industrial processes.
    2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Functionality: Some versions of the DICON SM controllers may include programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality, allowing for flexible and customized control sequences.
    3. Digital Communication: The controllers often support digital communication protocols, facilitating integration into larger industrial automation and control systems.
    4. Multiple Inputs and Outputs: They typically feature multiple analog and digital inputs and outputs, providing versatility for different sensor and actuator connections.
    5. User-Friendly Interface: The controllers usually come with a user-friendly interface for easy configuration and monitoring. This can include a display, keypad, and menu-driven navigation.
    6. Alarm and Diagnostic Functions: The controllers often include alarm functions to alert operators in case of deviations from set parameters, as well as diagnostic features for troubleshooting.
    7. Temperature Control: Depending on the model, the DICON SM controllers may be used for temperature control applications in industrial processes.
    Sku: SRM-96/10-001,00-61,5100,0000-00


  • Measurement range-specific configuration and amplification for maximum precision, even within narrow measurement ranges Also for 3-wire systems (BU) with voltage output Analogue constant measurement for extremely quick response time upon temperature change Interference-resistant, low-noise current / voltage signal Detection of sensor and cable breakage in accordance with Namur NE 43 EMC according to EN 61326 Type J = J head assembly Type B = B head assembly
    Sku: dTRANS-T03

    Jumo dTrans T03 Temperature Transmitter PT100 Input

  • Description

    The transmitters record sensor signals from RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, resistance transmitters, or resistors/potentiometers. When using a resistor/potentiometer or RTD temperature probe, the sensor connection on the input side can be connected with a two-wire, three wire, or four-wire circuit. Voltage signals in the range from -100 to +1100 mV can also be recorded. Depending on the selected measurement input, the linear and temperature-linear linearization variants and the possibility of easily configurable customer-specific linearization are available. Type 707050 delivers 4 to 20 mA as an output signal. Type 707051 delivers 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V as an output signal. The measurement input and the output signal are galvanically isolated from one another. The output signal can be reversed for both types. The transmitter configuration with respect to probe type, connection technology of the probe, measuring range (user configurable), and linearization is carried out by a setup program on the PC. The connection to the PC is established via a USB interface which does not require additional auxiliary voltage. Via the USB interface, the min./max. process value and the min./max. operating temperature recorded by the transmitter can be read and the sensor wiring can be checked online. The operating status of the transmitter is indicated by a two-color control LED (red/green). The control LED is lit green during malfunction-free operation. A fault such as a probe break will be shown by the corresponding LED signaling
    Sku: dTRANS T05 T

    Jumo dTrans T05 Temperature Transmitter PT100 Input, 11 → 35 V

    •  Protection class: front side IP 65, reverse side IP 20
    •  Current 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA
    •  Voltage 0 - 10 V, 2 - 10 V
    •  Two binary inputs: over potential-free contacts.
    •  Output: two relays (changeover) Switching power: 3A at 230VAC resistive load
    •  Relay (normally open contact) Voltage supply for two cable measuring transducer
    •  Voltage: galvanically isolated, unregulated, 30 V unloaded, 23 V at 30 mA
    •  Option (only for constant controller version): one analog output 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 10 V.
    Sku: dTRON-308q

    JUMO dTRON 308 Compact controller with program function

     24,000 25,000
     24,000 25,000 Select options
    •  Protection class: front side IP 65, reverse side IP 20
    •  Current 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA
    •  Voltage 0 - 10 V, 2 - 10 V
    •  Two binary inputs: over potential-free contacts.
    •  Output: two relays (changeover) Switching power: 3A at 230VAC resistive load
    •  Relay (normally open contact) Voltage supply for two cable measuring transducer
    •  Voltage: galvanically isolated, unregulated, 30 V unloaded, 23 V at 30 mA
    •  Option (only for constant controller version): one analog output 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 10 V.
    Sku: dTRON-316

    JUMO dTRON 316 Compact controller with program function

     2,000 25,000
     2,000 25,000 Select options
  • Key features

    • Integrated defrosting function
    • Heating or cooling is configurable
    • Limit monitoring
    • Available for resistance thermometer, thermocouple, standard current or voltage signals, according to choice
    • Choice of a 10A relay or two 5 A relays
    • Adjustable switching hysteresis
    • Time-delayed switch-on after power-on is selectable, e. g. for staggered starting of several equipment units
    • Operating hours counter
    • Symbols for operating modes, °C, °F, hours, minutes and seconds in display
    • Parameter level protected by code
    • Setup program for configuration and archiving via PC
    • Customized linearization via tabular function in the setup program
    • UL approva

    JUMO eTRON M Electronic Microstat

     3,000 8,000
     3,000 8,000 Select options
  • Accuracy Class B
    Application Industrial
    Cable Length 2 m
    Probe Diameter 0.5 - 8 mm
    Probe Length 0 - 150 mm
    Probe Material Stainless Steel
    Sensor Connection Wiring 2 Wire
    Temperature Range -200 to 600 deg C
    Termination Type Terminal Head Assembly
    Sku: 90.281-F14

    Jumo HEAD Types (1 x PT500) RTD Temperature Sensor

    • Structured operating and programming layout
    • Self-optimisation
    • Ramp function
    • Timer function
    • Digital input filter with
    • programmable filter time constant
    • 1 limit comparator
    • limit switch
    Sku: iTRON

    JUMO iTRON 04/08/16/32 Compact Microprocessor Controllers

     6,000 10,000
     6,000 10,000 Select options
  • Specification:
    • Capillary measuring system
    • Products Type: Temperature controller
    • Plastic housing (standard)
    • Suitable for panel-mounting
    • Size: ø 60 mm, ø 80 mm and ø 100 mm
    • Front frame: 72 x 72 mm and 96 x 96 mm
    Sku: microstat-m

    JUMO Microstat-M Temperature Controller (+50 To + 300 C)

  • Description

    The MICROSTAT-M1 is an electromechanical temperature controller with indication for universal use. The instrument has a plastic housing and a liquid-filled or gas-filled measuring system. The temperature-dependent change in volume of a liquid-filled measuring system, or the temperature-dependent change in pressure of a gas-filled system, is converted by a Bourdon tube into a rotary movement of the pointer, without any transmission gearing. The rotary movement of the pointer spindle operates the microswitch through a lever system
    Sku: MICROSTAT M1-0to160

    JUMO Microstat-M1 Temperature Controller ( 0 to 160c )

  • Applications
    • compressors
    • machinery and plant engineering
    • industrial pneumatics
    • commercial vehicles
    • building technology
    Brief description This pressure transmitter is used as the core product for the MIDAS range for applications requiring reliable implementation of measuring tasks with long-term stability and excellent price performance ratio. The MIDAS range provides solutions for all applications on the basis of this core product. The innovative and patented sensor design of the specifically developed ceramic sensor provides excellent long-term stability of < 0.2 %. It can be used for recording relative pressures of 1.6 bar to 60 bar in gaseous or liquid media.

    JUMO MIDAS C08 OEM-Pressure Transmitter ( 401002 )

     7,000 15,000
     7,000 15,000 Select options
  • Features

    • High chemical resistance
    • Measuring system resistant to high mechanical loads
    • Measuring ranges: 0 to 100 bar up to 0 to 400 bar relative pressure
    • Thin-film technology
    • Welded measuring system
    • Compact design: as of 57 mm in length
    • High bursting strength

    Customer benefits

    • Economical Type 401005 is the high-pressure model in the JUMO MIDAS pressure transmitter range, with sensor technology that has been proven thousands of times over. An almost fully automated production sequence (digital compensation and calibration of the sensor module) reduces the production time and manufacturing costs.
    • Process reliability The high quality of every pressure transmitter is ensured by the full final inspection within the fully automatic measuring and calibration facility.
    • Versatile This measuring instrument distinguishes itself through its versatility. Various output signals, different process connections, materials for process connections, and sealing material are available. The standardized features are specified in the data sheet; further features can be implemented upon request.


    • Refrigeration technology
    • Compressors
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Hydraulics

    JUMO MIDAS High pressure OEM-Pressure Transmitter ( 401005 )

     20,000 31,000
     20,000 31,000 Select options
  • Applications
    • Compressors
    • Mechanical and plant engineering
    • Industrial Pneumatics
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Building technology
    • Special features
    • From 0 to 1,6 bar up to 0 to 100 bar, relative pressure
    • Elastomer-sealed
    • Compact design: from 58 mm length
    • High chemical resistance
    • High mechanical strength membrane
      Description The pressure transmitter is used for pressure measurement of liquid and gaseous media. With the well proofed ceramic thick film sensor, the pressure is measured, converted into an electrical standard signal (voltage or current) and output via electrical connections, e.g. line socket, M12 plug connector or attached cable. A large number of process connections are available for adaptation to the process.
    Sku: MIDAS-401001

    JUMO MIDAS OEM-Pressure Transmitter ( 401001 )

     6,000 30,000
     6,000 30,000 Select options