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  • Extremely Thin Relays Integrated with Heat Sinks
    • Downsizing achieved through optimum design of heat sink.
    • Mounting possible via screws or via DIN track.
    • Close mounting possible for linking terminals. (Except for G3PA-260B-VD and G3PA-450B-VD-2.)
    • Applicable with 3-phase loads.
    • Replaceable power element cartridges.
    • Comply with VDE 0160 (finger protection), with a dielectric strength of 4,000 V between input and load.
    • Certified by UL, CSA, and VDE (reinforced insulation). * * Only UL
    The G32A-A Power Device Cartridge (a Triac Unit) can be replaced with a new one. When the temperature indicator has changed from pink to red, the triac circuitry may have malfunctioned possibly by an excessive flow of current, in which case, dismount the damaged cartridge for replacement. The damaged cartridge can be replaced with a new one without disconnecting the wires from the G3PA. Improve the heat radiation efficiency of the G3PA before replacing the cartridge. The G32A-A Power Device Cartridge can withstand an excessive current for a short period of time, such as may be caused accidentally by the short circuitry of the load, in which case the temperature indicator will not turn red.
    Sku: G3PA-430B-VD

    Omron Extremely Thin Relays Integrated with Heat Sinks G3PA-430B-VD

  • Compact, Slim-profile SSR with Heat Sink, Offering Heater Control for 480-VAC Rated Loads
    • Compact design achieved by optimizing heat sink shape.
    • DIN track mounting possible in addition to screw mounting.
    • Conforms to CE Marking, EN (VDE approval), CSA, and VDE standards.
    The G3PB in operation may cause an unexpected accident. Therefore it is necessary to test the G3PB under the variety of conditions that are possible. For example, the characteristics of the G3PB must always be considered in terms of the differences in characteristics between individual G3PBs.
    Sku: G3PB-525B-VD

    Omron Slim-profile SSR with (Single-phase) G3PB-525B-VD

  • Detects failures in SSR used for heater temperature control and simultaneously outputs alarm signal. This SSR supports the safe design of heater control systems, and contributes to maintenance improvements by the user.
    • Main detection items: SSR short-circuits and SSR open-circuits
    • Alarm output possible to NPN/PNP-input devices.
    • The failure-detection function is built-in and power is supplied from the main circuit power supply making wiring simple.
    • Slim design (width: 22.5 mm) incorporating a heat sink.
    • In addition to screw mounting, DIN track mounting is also possible.
    • Certified by EC, UL, and CSA.
    Solid State Relays with Failure Detection Function G3PC
    Sku: G3PC-220B-VD

    Omron Ssr with Failure Detection Function G3PC-220B-VD