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  • Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier E3S

    •  Adjusting the E3S-LS10XE4 Convergent-reflective Sensor
    1. Attach the distance adjustment scale as shown in the figure and set it where the * mark is equal to the sensing distance. 2. Turn the distance adjuster until the red spot is at point (center of the distance adjustment scale). 3. Remove the distance adjustment scale once the distance has been adjusted. Put a sensing object in place, and then adjust the sensitivity.

    Convergent-reflective (wide vision field), Sensing distance White paper 50 x 75 mm: 50 to 250 mm, Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable, No-contact output, Pre-wired models (2 m), Infrared LED (945 nm)

    Sku: E3S-LS20XE4

    Omron Sensor Convergent Reflective Type E3S-LS20XE4