HS-2 humidity sensor is one of the HS series sensors.

The Fotek HS-2 humidity sensor is part of the Fotek DPM-2 humidity controller. Humidity controllers measure relative humidity.

What is relative humidity?

Relative humidity is the amount of humidity at which the environment has a certain temperature. For this reason, humidity sensors and temperature sensors are used in humidity controllers.

Fotek HS-2 humidity sensor features

Operating voltage: 4-5.5 VDC

Humidity measurement range: 0-100%

Operating temperature range: (85+ to -40) degrees Celsius


M12 connector is used to connect this Fotek humidity sensor to the humidity meter .

Fotek HS-2 humidity sensor is sensitive to light, but resistant to strong light.

The difference between Fotek HS-2 and Fotek HS-1 humidity sensor is that the first sensor has a thread.