Inductive proximity sensor with stainless steel body E2A-S

Inductive proximity sensor E2A-S was created and tested for applications in the harsh environment and at though vibration conditions with stainless body.

  • M8, M12, M18, and M30 housings with connector or pre-wired connection
  • PNP or NPN output
  • NO, NC, or NO+NC operation mode

Power Reset Time

The Proximity Sensor is ready to operate within 100 ms (160ms for NO+NC -B3 / -C3 types) after power is supplied. If power supplies are connected to the Proximity Sensor and load respectively, be sure to supply power to the Proximity Sensor before supplying power to the load.

Effects of Surrounding Metal

When mounting the E2A within a metal panel, ensure that the
clearances given in the following table are maintained. leo.