OEM-Pressure Transmitter for Universal Applications JUMO MIDAS S05

This pressure transmitter acquires the relative and absolute pressure. The measuring system is fully welded and can be used for all media. The silicon sensor is resistant to overloading even in the lowest measuring ranges. It is mainly used in mechanical and plant engineering and is also suitable for hydrogen applications in electrolyzers, synthesis plants, and mobile fuel cells.

The JUMO MIDAS S05 pressure transmitter is available with both relative pressure and absolute pressure measurement ranges.

The high-quality stainless steel welded measuring system with no seals ensures the instrument can be used in almost all media, even under harsh conditions. The design offers optimum
protection against process medium escaping. The instrument features a silicon sensor that is able to handle extreme overload, even in the lowest measuring ranges, and is capable of millions of pressure cycles. 

Special features

  • 1 bar to 100 bar relative pressure, up to 25 bar in absolute pressure as well
  • High level of process safety thanks to a welded measuring system with no seals
  • Sturdy and maintenance-free measurement technology with extreme overload resistance
  • 60% faster device installation with the Quickon fast-connection system
  • Sturdy design for a long service life
  • Parts in contact with media made of stainless steel


  • Economical
    Type 401010 is the successor model to JUMO MIDAS SI (type 401006), with sensor technology that has been proven thousands of times over. An almost fully automated production sequence (digital compensation and calibration of the sensor module) reduces the production time and manufacturing costs.  
  • Process reliability
    The piezoresistive silicon sensor has long-term stability and a high level of overload protection. The full final inspection in the fully automated measuring and calibration facility guarantees that each pressure transmitter is of a high quality.  
  • Time-saving, simple, and versatile
    The installation of the measuring instrument requires little work and the electrical installation is simple. The modular structure means that it can be used universally in almost any application.
Additional information

0 to 2.5 bar, 0 to 4 bar, 0 to 16 bar, 0 to 25 bar

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